If you or a loved one has been nominated to serve as a Personal Representative, the McWhirter Law Firm LLC will help you fulfill your duties. In Colorado, most estates are settled without court supervision, which means it is up to the Personal Representative to know the extent of his or her responsibilities and to properly carry them out. Those dueis include opening the probate case, gathering and inventorying the deceased's assets, paying the medical expenses related to the deceased's last illness, paying for funerals and/or memorial services, paying creditors' claims, distributing the estate's assets to the beneficiaries, preparing an accounting, and closing the probate case. These duties can be overwhelming to Personal Representatives who have never been through the process, or have limited experience. And the Personal Representative is expected to fulfill all of these duties while dealing with the loss of his or her loved one.


You do not have to undertake this role alone, however. Call the McWhirter Law Firm LLC today for a free consultation.

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